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Latest Monthly Rubber Bulletin now available from IRSG

Published on 21 April, 2021
The Secretariat of the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) publishes key indicators and market statistics in the Monthly Rubber Bulletin (MRB) to inform market participants on the latest developments in...
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Latest Rubber Focus now available from IRSG

Published on 8 April, 2021
The International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) provides a forum for the discussion of matters affecting the supply and demand for synthetic rubber (SR) and natural rubber (NR). It covers all...
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World Rubber Summit 2021 - Virtual Event

Published on 7 April, 2021
World Rubber Summit 2021Virtual Event 8-11 June 2021Facing the Future: Inclusiveness, Sustainability and Growth for the Next Normal The International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) is pleased to announce that the...
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IRSG Webinar - Risks to Economic Recovery in 2021: Implications on Future Growth and Sustainability
Risks to Economic Recovery in 2021: Implications on Future Growth and Sustainability2020 was without a...
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Guayule, a Renewable Resource for Natural Polyisoprene and Resin: Composition, Processes and Applications

Amandine Rousset 1, 5, Ali Amor 2, 3, Teerasak Punvichai 4, Sandrine Perino 5, Serge Palu 2, Michel Dorget 1, 3, Daniel Pioch 2 and Farid Chemat 5 1 GuaTecs, 28 rue Xavier Bichat, 72000 Le Mans, France; 2 UR...

Building a circular economy for end-of-life tyres requires global cooperation and collaboration

Five years after the establishment of its National Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme, Tyre Stewardship Australia - an International Rubber Study Group industry member for more than two years – is determined to increase its global presence and influence. It’s what...

Climate Week Special: Climate Change and Rubber Economy

Climate Week Special:气候行动周特刊:Climate Change and Rubber Economy气候变化与橡胶经济特刊中接受采访的专家有: Salvatore Pinizzotto (IRSG), Lekshmi Nair (IRSG), Vincent Gitz (CIFOR/FTA), Alexandre Meybeck (CIFOR/FTA), Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz b S A Kadir (IRRDB), James Jacob (IRRDB), Jerôme Sainte Beuve (CIRAD) and Eric Gohet (CIRAD) How...

The outlook for the rubber economy in the face of COVID-19

Author of the Blog: Dr Hidde Smit, Consultant, Analysis and Forecasts for the Rubber EconomyDr Hidde Smit has a vast...

Concept Paper - Digitization of NR Supply Chain for Singapore

Author of the Blog: Ashish Govil, Global Head - Rubber, Olam InternationalContext: The world production of Natural Rubber is estimated at...

It is Latin American natural rubber!

Diogo Esperante is Executive Director of APABOR the NR Farmers and Processors Association of São Paulo/Brazil.He is responsible for the...

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