NextGen Leaders Programme

The IRSG’s Nextgen Rubber Leaders’ (NRL) Programme is designed to inspire, grow and develop the world’s rubber leaders of tomorrow. It serves as a platform for engaging a limited number of ambitious young professionals in national, regional and international activities and events. Becoming a NRL does not mean that the participant is employed or being remunerated by the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG).

The Programme participants are invited to:

  • Contribute with the IRSG’s global rubber dialogue
  • Support the development of balanced policy frameworks
  • Help shape solutions for tomorrow’s rubber economy

The NRL community builds on creative ideas and the innovative potential of the next generation to challenge conventional thinking and explore new strategies for the future of the whole rubber sector. It offers young professionals a unique opportunity for learning and development with exposure to critical issues in the rubber debate.

As Nextgen Rubber Leader, you will:

  • Participate and shape the programme of an exclusive, annual NRLs’ Summit or Congress;
  • Participate to selected national, regional, and global events such as the World Rubber Summit (WRS);
  • Build your own professional network as well as interact with senior rubber leaders from across the world;
  • Access and contribute to the IRSG’s studies and flagship reports;
  • Get involved in one of the NRL working groups
  • Develop and share a NRL vision with a global audience.

Being a NRL means participating in regular calls and meetings with projects co-members, replying regularly to emails and delivering the tasks signed up in the working groups or the NRL projects. We expect those activities to take no more than 5-8 hours per month. However, some months could be very quiet and others busier.

How to participate
NextGen Rubber Leaders Programme Launch at the WRS 2022
NextGen Rubber Leaders
Name Company Country Batch Region
Atanu Talukdar Phillips Carbon Black India 2022 Asia
Claire Phame PEFC Vietnam 2022 Asia
D.P.T.P.Dasanayake - Tharanga GRI Sri Lanka 2022 Asia
Desmond Wan Southland Singapore 2022 Asia
Diogo Esperante APABOR Brazil 2022 South America
Farah Miller Helixtap Singapore 2022 Asia
Heng An Leng PEFC Cambodia 2022 Asia
Linda Mitchell Tyre Stewardship Australia Australia 2022 Oceania
M.T.N. Karunarathne - Niluka GRI Sri Lanka 2022 Asia
Mah Kah Chun Continental Singapore 2022 Asia
Nithiwadee Hochueai (Nicole) PEFC Thailand 2022 Asia
Salinee Samthong Agriac Thailand 2022 Asia
Veronika Beer German Rubber Manufacturers Association (wdK) Germany 2022 Europe