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General Information

After over seventy years of continuing efforts to improve coverage, timeliness and consistency of statistical data on the world rubber market, the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) has become recognized as the pre-eminent world authority on rubber statistics. The IRSG Secretariat enjoys a rich tradition and has unrivalled expertise. Updated and timely data on production, consumption, trade and prices – both for natural rubber and synthetic rubber – are published on a monthly and quarterly basis in the Secretariat’s publications. 

The Secretariat  prepares forecasts of rubber production and consumption, and undertakes market research studies, where appropriate, on specific aspects of the industry. Short-term forecasts (current year and next year) are presented in the Rubber Industry Report, while longer-term forecasts are given in the semi-annual report the World Rubber Industry Outlook. For further details please refer to Publications. All IRSG publications and reports are governed by Confidentiality Terms and Conditions.

IRSG Reports
  • Rubber Statistical Bulletin 
  • Rubber Industry Report
  • World Rubber Industry Report 
  • Monthly Rubber Bulletin 
  • Rubber Focus
  • Secretariat Project Report

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Rubber Statistical Bulletin (RSB)
The IRSG Rubber Statistical Bulletin (RSB) provides a quarterly release of the main rubber statistical parameters by country.Most of the rubber producing and end-user companies in the world now use the "Rubber Statistical Bulletin" as a reference guide to carry out their own market analysis and to plan their production strategies and their marketing campaigns accordingly. It is also a very useful instrument to assist governments in elaborating the economic and industrial policies related to rubber issues.
  • NR Production, Consumption
  • NR Stocks
  • NR Trade by type 
  • Latex Consumption, Trade
  • NR Prices (physical and futures)
  • SR Production, Consumption
  • Trade of solid form of SR
  • Price Trends of SBR and BR

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Rubber Industry Report (RIR)
The Rubber Industry Report is published on a quarterly basis. It analyses recent developments in the natural rubber (NR) and synthetic rubber (SR) markets, and provides comprehensive short-term forecasts of rubber production and consumption (covering the current year and next year).
  • Rubber Consumption
  • Rubber Production
  • Rubber Supply/Demand Balance
  • Rubber Trade
  • NR Market Activities
  • SR Market Activities
  • Latex and General Rubber Products
  • Rubber Forecasting

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World Rubber Industry Report (WRIO)
Published twice-yearly, the World Rubber Industry Outlook presents the IRSG Secretariat’s latest long-term forecasts for the world rubber industry (covering the next ten years). The report draws on a complete database of natural rubber (NR) and synthetic rubber (SR) production and consumption, as well as vehicle and tyre sales and production, by country. The consecutive estimate of the world market balance serves as a reference for further interpretations and contributes significantly to enhance market transparency.
  • The world economy
  • The vehicle sector
  • The tyre sector
  • Rubber consumption
  • Normal production of natural rubber
  • Supply-demand interaction and price formation
  • Production of natural rubber
  • Consumption of natural rubber and synthetic rubber
  • Alternative scenarios
  • Appendix A: Summary description of the IRSG modeling system

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Rubber Focus
As part of its work programme, the Secretariat is undertaking a series of briefing papers with each focusing on different rubber related issues.  The "Focus" provides a deep analysis on the hot topics for the the whole rubber value chain , assessing the economic and social impact on the rubber economy. (Only available to Panel of Associates (PoA) members)
List of  latest Report Titles:
  • US-China Trade War and Its Impact On The Global Rubber Industry
  • Gender Equality in the Natural Rubber Value Chain
  • Alternative Natural Rubber Sources for the Rubber Industry
  • Voluntary Sustainability Framework in Rubber: Fostering Collective Leadership in Sustainability
  • Electric Vehicle and its Impact on Tyre Industry
  • Station-less Shared-Bicycle Industry in China
  • The Rubber Industry of Russia

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Monthly Rubber Bulletin (MRB)
The Monthly Rubber Bulletin (MRB) provides updated key indicators and market statistics to inform market participants on the latest developments in the world rubber sector. It is an indispensable tools for companies and organizations  in need to assess the short term trends in the major producing and consuming markets for natural and synthetic rubber, A "Special Focus" is dedicated to the most relevant statistical topic of the month.
  • Annual World GDP Growth
  • PMI of main producing and consuming countries
  • Exchange rates trend
  • Oil price
  • Chinese Freights
  • NR Short Term Outlook
  • SR Short Term Outlook
  • Rubber Prices and Stocks

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