Republic of India

Population: 1,352,617,000 (2018)
GDP: 2.726 Trillion USD (2018)
Total Area: 2,973,190 sq km
Agriculture Land: 60.45% (2016)
Forest: 23.83% (2016)

With a population of around 1.3 billion, around 17.7% of the world population, India is the world's fifth-largest economy. India has the fastest growth among G20 economies which grew by 6.8 per cent in 2018, driven by a rebound in industrial activity, especially manufacturing and construction, and an expansion in agriculture sector. The long-term growth is expected to be more stable, diversified, and resilient.India is the world's fourth largest agricultural producer and employs around 42% of the active population.The services sector accounts for almost half of its GDP employing around one-third of its workforce while industry sector employs almost a quarter of the workforce.India is the fourth largest auto market in the world and the largest market for two wheelers and tractors. Automotive industry contributing to about 12% of...

Natural Rubber

India is the fifth largest producer of natural rubber in the world and is the second largest consumer of natural rubber. Plantation of rubber in traditional regions such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu has reached near saturation and planting has moved to Norther Eastern States.

India produced 713,000 tonnes of natural rubber in 2017. As a producer, India has a market share of 5.3% of the global natural rubber market.

India has one of the largest Rubber Research Institutes established since 1955 focusing on “scientific, technological and economic research”.

The Rubber Board of India covers training programs fine-tuned to the requirements of the sector such as rubber cultivation, processing, cluster management, public relations and general management as well as skill development capacity building of tappers/growers. 

With rapid growth of natural rubber consumption, Tyre industry India is raw material intensive with large import dependence. Around 79% of the total natural rubber usage is by the tyre industry.

Rapid growth in the tyre industry fuelled usage of natural rubber and India became a net importer and imports mainly from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

With growing radialisation of truck and bus tyres, there is continuing momentum for natural rubber usage in tyre sector. 

Synthetic Rubber

India has three companies producing synthetic elastomers, but imports around half of the synthetic rubber requirements. India consumed 616,000 tonnes of synthetic rubber in 2017.

Government & Other Agencies

Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Udyog Bhawan,
New Delhi 110 107 , India
Tel: +91-11-23062261
Rubber Board of India
Head office complex
P.B. No:1122, Kottayam -686 002, Kerala, India
Tel: +91-481-2301231
Indian Rubber Institute
169, 4th Floor, Karnani Estate,
209, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,
Kolkata 700017
Tel: +91 33-2283-0421
Automotive Tyre Manufacturer’s Association
PHD House, 4th Floor, Siri Institutional Area,
Opp. Asian Games Village, New Delhi – 110 016
Tel: 011-43502512/13
All India Rubber Industries Association
601, Pramukh Plaza "B" Wing,
485, Cardinal Gracious road,
Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 099
Rubber Skill Development Council
PHD House, 4th Floor, Siri Institutional Area,
Opp. Asian Games Village, New Delhi – 110 016
Tel: +91-11-41009347/48
Press Releases
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Rubber Board Call Center to answer on latex products manufacturing
According to a press release issued by the Rubber Board, interested persons can contact the Rubber Board’s Call Centre for queries about the manufacturing of products from rubber latex. Siby Varghese, Joint Director, Technical Consultancy Division, Rubber Research Institute of India will answer the questions on this subject on Wednesday, August 5 between 10 am and 1 pm. The Call Centre Number is 0481 - 2576622. The spread of Covid-19...
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Two-day India Rubber Meet at Mamallapuram ends
The two-day rubber stakeholders meet, India Rubber Meet (IRM), held at Mamallapuram, Tamilnadu, came to a close today. K. M. Mammen, Chairman, Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association and Chairman and Managing Director of MRF Ltd., inaugurated the Meet on 28th February, 2020. He said that resilience is the very character of rubber and the sector is sure to regain its past glory, surviving the obstacles of the present recessionary trends as...
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Natural Rubber prices surge at tail end of peak season
From Rs 120 per kg in the first week of November, the price of premium grade RSS-4 has crossed Rs 137 per kg this week.In the tail end of the peak season of latex harvesting, market has witnessed a long-due price rise for domestic NR (natural rubber). From Rs 120 per kg in the first week of November, the price of premium grade RSS-4 has crossed Rs 137 per kg...