Harrisons Malayalam Limited
, Cochin, IN
Harrisons Malayalam limited (HML ) is one of the largest plantation companies in India producing Tea ,Rubber ,Spices and other crops from its plantations for more than a century . It is also a processor of superfine teas from its estates as well as the finest quality Rubber of various grades particularly in the centrifuged latex and PLC segment .Its products are known for its quality nationally and internationally .
Sustainability has been at the core of its operations and the company has been credited with path breaking initiatives in the field of Tea and Rubber. Since the operations of the company are manpower intensive ,a lot of focus is on to the wellbeing and empowerment of its work force of which majority are women .HML has been a winner of numerous awards in the field of employee welfare ,Environment ,Health and safety ,pollution control and quality initiatives .Plantations In India and else where have been facing numerous challenges but the sustainability practises , focus on innovation and the high level of employee morale and commitment has ensured that the company holds the leadership position in the Industry .