Timberfarm GmbH (Multi-tier)
, Düsseldorf, DE
TIMBERFARM is an international commodity Group, which specializes in the production and trading of natural rubber and rubber wood.

The TIMBERFARM group, whose founders were the leaders of the Dusseldorf family business, Breidenstein, worked for over forty years in the tyre trade and in the rubber industry and produced valuable natural rubber and high quality rubber wood in Latin America and managed rubber plantations in Panama.

TIMBERFARM offers private individuals and institutional investors the possibility to acquire rubber tree plantations on an ownership or lease basis. Within the scope of a management service agreement TIMBERFARM can then take over the care and maintenance of the plantation as well as the rubber extraction and processing of the rubber wood once the trees have reached the end of their productive lives.
Website: www.timberfarm.de