Syndicat National du Caoutchouc et des Polymeres (SNCP)
, , FR
French Rubber Manufacturers’ Association
With more than 120 members, representing 90% of the rubber profession, the SNCP has a large audience to promote and defend the specific interests of the rubber industry :
- Tyre manufacturers
- GRG Manufacturers,
- Adhesive tape manufacturers,
- Commodity suppliers
- Recyclers

Five fields of influence
- Social: collective agreement management, social affairs, human resources, vocational training
- EHS: environment, health and safety, rubberfood contact
- Economy: Survey results, studies, economic reports
- Innovation: supporting R&D, standardization
- Communication and public relations

Collective actions for everybody’s benefit
The SNCP permanently represents the rubber industry to various organizations:
- trade unions in the management of the rubber collective agreement,
- french public authorities
- european public authorities via the ETRMA located in Brussels,
- …
A team of experts serving your company
The SNCP supports the development of rubber com¬panies, offering them:
- Advice: personalized ser¬vices from the SNCP’s experts
- Meeting and dialogue structures: Participation in the SNCP’s working groups
- Information: regulatory, legal, economic and technical monitoring.

Secretary General
Raffaella CIAMPA

Head of Economy and Communication department Director