, Winschoten, NL
The owner and Managing Director Jens Szymanska from Germany has jumped into the bedding industry in 1986 by making Japanese futons. In the 90ties he started to work with latex foam and was co-founder of the QuL e.V. In 2000 he joined an Import/Export group in Bremen and Barendrecht which was active in Export business with latex foam mattresses and pillows between Sri Lanka, the EU and the US.

In 2001 and 2002 the first radio frequency dryers for latex foam has been exported to Asia. In 2004 he was responsible for the set-up of a new factory in Sri Lanka based on steam-vulcanization and radio frequency drying. The same year he got a patent for a “method for vulcanising of latex foam and apparatus therefore“, (EP1508420A2).

The first production line in the world with a radio frequency vulcanizer for latex foam was set up 2006 in Indonesia. From 2008-2009 a big factory in Guatemala was set-up with one separate mattress line and another smaller line for pillows, both with radio frequency vulcanisation and drying.

Since 2013 Jens Szymanska is working as independent consultant and entrepreneur. In 2017 C.V. LATEXFOAM INDONESIA was founded to have a representative direct in SEA.

In 2018 he founded LATEXFOAM TECHNOLOGY B.V. in the Netherlands as further step towards international orientation. Read more at:

Latest invention is a new aromatherapy-pillow which will be introduced into the market in 2020. Further research and development activities are related with a new TALALAY process.