Kelani Valley Plantations PLC
, Colombo, LK
Kelani Valley Plantations PLC (KVPL) owns and manages 13,000 hectares of plantation land, annually producing about 6 million kgs of tea and 4 million kgs of rubber. The Company provides direct employment to over 1,000 people and its plantations carry a resident population of around 55,000.

All our Rubber Plantations have obtained the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, certified by Rainforest Alliance (RA). Three of our factories have obtained the FSC Chain of Custody and rubber manufactured in these factories are 100% FSC Certified Natural Rubber.

In 2006 the company became signatory to the United Nations Global Compact Charter (UNGC) which pledge to uphold key principles in regard to Human Rights, Worker Standards, Environment and Anti-corruption.

The Development of Plantation community has been a major component in the KVPL management strategy and, in support of this policy, in 2006 KVPL launched a multi-dimensional initiative branded as “A Home for Every Plantation Worker”.

We produce a range of raw natural rubber which include –

Sole Crepe – used to manufacture shoe soles for Winter Boots and Fashion Shoes.
Latex Crepe - used in high-end medical equipment, baby teats etc., which come in direct contact with the human body and in the adhesive industry .
Centrifuge Latex - is used to manufacture dipped products such as gloves, condoms etc, toys and in foam mattress industry.”

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