Grupo Fortaleza
, Guatamala City, GT
Grupo Fortaleza is the vehicle for the cooperation between 6 independent natural rubber producing companies. Its purpose is to transmit the benefit of the best practices associated with sustainable forestry to consumers that have designed the value of a balance in social, environmental and business aspects into their marketing plan.

A certified production Group was formed and certified under the prestigious Forest Stewardship Council based in Bonn, Germany. The auditing process was carried out by Rainforest Alliance – now Nepcon. At this moment Grupo Fortaleza has certified 5 out of 6 of its supplying units. This totals 10,000 tons dry per year.

The size of this group of plantations (forests) with at least 50 years’ experience has justified the construction of an excellent centralized processing unit for technically specified natural rubber and latex. With an initial capacity of 25,000 tons dry per year, Grupo Fortaleza processed 16,500 tons in 2018, and by 2020 will process 20,000 from its own production.

For now, the company has established a market for both block rubber (SGR CV, SGR L, SGR 10), and centrifuged latex (conventional concentrates and specialties including PV latex). Its main success comes from the marketing of the FSC version of the above mentioned. Grupo Fortaleza is considered one of the world leaders in the supply of sustainability certified natural rubber and latex concentrate.

CEO of Grupo Fortaleza: Mr. Christian Klose