FIRCA (Fonds Interprofessionnel Pour La Recherche Et Le Conseil Agricoles)
01 BP 3726 Abidjan 01, , CI
Our mission
The Interprofessionnal Fund for Research and Extension services in Agriculture (FIRCA), was created by Decree No. 2002-520 of December 11, 2002. It is an instrument inspired by the provisions of Law No. 2001-635 of October 9, 2001 establishing the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA).

FIRCA was legally constituted on October 28, 2003 in Yamoussoukro, during the meeting of the 1st General Assembly.

The FIRCA ensures, in the sectors of plant, forestry and animal production, the financing of programs relating in particular to:

- Agronomic and forestry research,
- The conduct of experiments and demonstrations for the transmission of knowledge between research and exploitation,
- Technological research for the improvement of agricultural products and processed products,
- Dissemination of knowledge through information, demonstration, training, technical and economic advice,
- The conduct of studies, experiments and expertise
- Support for the sustainable improvement of the economic profitability of farms
- Capacity building of OPAs
- Vocational training for producers, OPA managers and their staff.