Evonik Industries AG
, Essen, DE
Evonik is one of the world‘s leading specialty chemicals companies. Its specialty chemicals activities focus on high-growth megatrends — especially health, nutrition, resource efficiency, and globalization — and on entering attractive future-oriented markets. It also has investments in the energy and real estate sectors. Evonik operates worldwide and has production facilities in 24 countries.

Evonik’s core specialty chemicals business is divided into three reporting segments:

Consumer, Health & Nutrition - The segment produces specialty chemicals, principally for applications in the consumer goods, animal nutrition and pharmaceutical sectors.

Resource Efficiency - The Resource Efficiency segment provides solutions for environment-friendly and energy-efficient products. It comprises the Inorganic Materials and Coatings & Additives Business Units.

Specialty Materials - The heart of the Specialty Materials segment is the production of polymer materials and their preproducts, and additives. It comprises the Performance Polymers and Advanced Intermediates Business Units.

For more information: www.evonik.de