Associação Paulista de Produtores e Beneficiadores de Borracha (APABOR)
, Sao Paulo, BR
Founded on November 20, 1992, in the city of São José do Rio Preto, SP - Brazil, Apabor - São Paulo’s Association of Natural Rubber Producers and Processing Plants is a non-profit civil society operating throughout the territory of the State of São Paulo.

It has a board composed of a president, a vice president and six directors, a technical committee, a Youth Grup and two councils, being a deliberative council (producers) and a consultative (processing plants).

The activities of the association are divided among: improving the relationship between producers and processing plants, Hold regional meetings, Permanent acting with the government, Market monitoring, Program of sustainable expansion of rubber plantations, Identification of new regional leaders, Interaction and Strengthening of similar institutions and Holding of events, congresses, contests and honors.

All participants are elected voluntarily (unpaid) every three years. All work is coordinated by an Executive Director who has a secretariat composed of a Secretary and an Assistant. These three are the only paid positions of the institution.

APABOR has currently 1100 producer members and gathers 80% of all Brazilian processing plants.

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